Ashton & Josh loved the idea of having their wedding in a natural, organic feel atmosphere. The Litchfield Plantation  fit that image perfectly. Since the venue had so much natural beauty, (Oak trees, Spanish moss, wood, historical place )    Their vision ended up being a fresh, clean and organic feeling with natural wood tables and canvas linens. Gigi Noelle Events did s stunning work on the garden style floral arrangements and coordinating everything The fresh greenery with classic white and greens with lots of candles on the tables were specially beautiful.

How I love my clients and they loved ones! They are the most sweet and simple couple and couldn’t help by falling in love with them. When I first met them for their engagement session, and met their dog as well, I couldn’t be more happier. And having the dog being part of their wedding day was such a sweet thing! He was around the whole day making sure Ashton was all right all the time checking up on her. Ashton is one of the most simple girls that I’ve met. she bought me to tears when she mentioned that she had a piece of fabric from a deceased friend’s shirt sewn to her dress, and used her ring as something borrowed. 

There are an unlimited amounts of DIY that a couple can do for their wedding, but they exceed al of it, with the most beautiful pieces ever! The great wooden doors and arch that was builded for the ceremony was to let anyone speechless. Her husband took care of all the details and helped build all of the wood pieces used at the location. They had the most beautiful details from the calligraphy signs to the love shelf builded to hold the sweets next to the cake cable and the most cute signs and items displayed on the ice cream station, from the family ice cream store. Another favorite element was all the calligraphy pieces that were spread throughout the venue. Signs, messages, ceremony rope piece of wood,  Mr. and Mrs.  signs, and a welcome sign. Each piece was completely customized to fit their style. The simplicity and sweetness of this adorable couple were showing all around. What they wanted the most was for everyone to have a great time. Their seat from the sweetheart table had the perfect view of all of our guests eating, laughing and just enjoying themselves. Tru Sol Band was a blast entertaining everyone non stop the whole night, under the most beautiful clear tent dropped under the stars in the most beautiful night.

Ashton and Josh grew up trough through high school in the same area and both went to CCU, and she had a ” kindergardem crush ” on him, but didn’t knew him at all and didn’t think he knew her as well. She told one of her friends, who of course told everyone else, including him. One night in October 2010, she walked into a friend’s house and rear ” Josh, your girl is here!” It was awkward, but after a while it passed and they spent the whole night talking and joking; and its been that way ever since. 

On October 2015 Josh had to go on a work trip to the mountains of TN, and she tagged along. In love with the fall colors, one of the day she wanted to go horseback riding and enjoy all the beauty nature mixed colors while Josh was at work. He kept saying that that was something he would love to do too and she should wait for a day he could go with her. When the last day came, she was pretty disappointed when he couldn’t get away from work and they would leave in the next morning. In that morning he told her to get dress up for a ride, because they would stop in a place in the way home, so the drive wouldn’t be so long after. The ride up to the mountain was beautiful, just like a sea of colors. After lunch, they walked around taking some pictures, and she finally decided to ask one of the other riders to take a photo of them and it then it happened! Josh hits in his knee and pulled out a ring. Sh then realized Josh was planning this for a while 🙂 After she said yes, he popped champagne and took pictures with some signs that he made and snuck up with them. He said ” I asked… ” – her said ” I said yes! ”  It turned out they were in a private ride and the only other riders with them was a photographer, who had been taking photos the whole time, and her granddaughter, so she didn’t look suspicious. Her next surprise is that they weren’t going home that day, but instead they spent the night just just a short drive away from the horse ranch in Asheville, NC. He told her he wanted to go ride near Asheville because he knows it holds a special place in her heart.  ( She went for summer camp for 10 years just outside Asheville  ) and he knew that its a place that they would be back too, even if was to drop their future kids at camp. He put so much thought in to everything, and made everything so perfect! From the place and season requesting paint horses of the ride because they are her favorite. Now they are most than ready starting a new chapter in their lives. 

Photography: Corina Silva Studios / Coordinator: Gigi Noelle Events / Videography: Hart to Heart Videography / Make up: You. Only better Make Up Artistry / Hair Stylist: Meghan Able – Freddie rose Salon / DeLaine Mann – DeLaine INC. / Flowers: Gigi Noelle Events / Linens: La Tavola linens / Cake:  Buttercream Cakes & Catering / Catering: Creative Catering / Band: Tru Sol Band / Furniture / Tent: Hotz Rentals / Drapery:  Corina Silva Decor / Lighting: MC Sound and Light 


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