The magic of being a photographer is to be able to bring our vision to life and capture things as we see it. I like my photography to show things as they look and incorporate my dreams into thoughts. Driving alongside the majestic Oregon roads we see so many beautiful breathtaking places. From the beautiful hills with many vineyards to the fields with grass or the breathtaking mountain views, everything is a delight to the eyes. When I saw this field I knew I had to photograph it, and I had this exactly in my vision. I decided to started a series of woman portraits to share with the world, and I had just the perfect woman in my mind to start this first one. The sweet and talented Aubrey, a make up and hair stylist at Beauty by Bree was able not only to model for this portrait session but did her own hair and make up as well. Her delicate self was a perfect fit. I have been planning a session with a floral dress for such a long time that I really fell head over heels in love with this and now we have this wonderful country portrait inspiration to add to the list. I was inspired to create a natural beauty shoot around the things I love most – being outside, messy hair, and a pretty dress. We wanted an earthy rustic look with a hint of flirty and we got it! Doesn’t she look dreamy in this floral pink dress? The romantic touch reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. I just want to inspire everyone to see beauty in the simplicity, in the little things around us, and in the small things we pass through everyday. I want to remind myself and everyone that beauty and happiness are on the roads we travel.




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